How we make money

We make money from subscriptions, and video production services

Crux Investor is a privately held company. We're here to make investing work for everyone. To deliver the answers straight up. And to build confidence in your financial future.

We will always be clear about how we make money and make it easy to contact us.

Our revenue comes from subscriptions and video production services. The latter helps fund the development of our subscription service for everyday investors.

We make money from

  • Subscriptions: Our subscription-based service for everyday investors. Members pay a monthly or annual subscription to access the platform. Subscriptions will eventually become our exclusive source of revenue.
  • Studio: For now, we supplement subscriptions with fees for video production services. We produce video interviews and sometimes articles/transcripts. We don’t offer PR/IR/marketing services. See Editorial policies.

Why we work with companies

As well as covering costs, fees from Studio help contribute to our long-term mission with no strings attached: no ads, affiliate links, pop-ups, sponsors or outside funding.

In short: Companies can reach new audiences, investors get best-in-class interviews, and we can fund our mission.

Editorial policies

Crux Investor products include our subscription service and our website.

We don't run ads, affiliate links or have sponsors because they frustrate users and taint objectivity.

There's a natural firewall between the research department and the departments that help us make money.

Companies appearing on 'Company Interviews' do not get endorsement or favour from the interviewer and are not sponsors:

  • They don’t send questions to us before the interview;
  • they don’t have any editorial rights;
  • they don’t see the content before it’s published;
  • we do not send them questions before the interview;
  • we do not discuss questions before the interview;
  • we do not offer IR, PR or promotional services;
  • we don't pull punches.