Our mission

Create a world where investing works for everyone

Having money makes investing easier. Wall St has (expensive) world-class investment research delivered to their desks daily. It’s the #1 reason pros consistently outperform the market while everyday investors struggle.

We believe everyone deserves access to clear, expert guidance at every stage of their financial journey, not just when they’re already at the top.

  • What we’re reinventing: Rather than selling our research to one firm for tens of thousands, we offer investing guidance to many in an affordable subscription. We believe investing can be, and should be, for everyone.

Crux builds smart, simple, honest products that treat investors as people, not profits.

  • How it works: We give anyone confidence in their financial future with straightforward monthly recommendations. We simplify complex news. And we always deliver the answers straight up, so you don’t have to keep searching.

Crux is backed by award-winning financial analysts and industry-leading research. We know that time beats timing in the market, so we find the best investments for long-term success.

  • The bottom line: By democratising the best professional advice, we can help anyone make successful investments. Use Crux, and you’re investing on a level playing field.

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