Canada Nickel is the leader in the next generation of nickel supply – large-scale, lower-grade, open-pit nickel sulphide projects with the potential for zero carbon production.

The 100% owned Flagship Crawford Nickel Sulphide project is the largest nickel sulphide discovery since the 1970s, located in Timmins, Ontario, an established mining-friendly jurisdiction with significant infrastructure.

It has consolidated a large nickel land package through 20 transactions and 15 additional targets, which is 50x the scale of its initial Crawford asset.


Canada Nickel is currently focused on its 100% owned flagship Crawford Nickel Sulphide Project. Crawford would be one of the five largest nickel sulphide operations if in production today, and is targeting completion of a bankable feasibility study by year-end 2022.  

Canada Nickel’s Crawford Nickel Sulphide discovery is positioning itself to deliver the metals needed to power the electric vehicle revolution and feed the high-growth stainless steel market. The Company possesses industry-leading nickel expertise and is focused in a low-risk well-established mining jurisdiction.

The Company is also pursuing the development of processes which take advantage of the host mineralization to sequester CO2 to allow the production of net zero carbon nickel, cobalt, and iron products, and has applied in multiple jurisdictions to trademark the terms NetZero NickelTM, NetZero CobaltTM, NetZero IronTM.  

District Scale Potential - Regional Properties

Canada Nickel’s recent district consolidation positions it to become the leader of the third generation of nickel supply – large, scalable, with zero carbon potential – located in proximity to infrastructure. 

It is a large nickel district of 42km2 of ultramafic/mag highs – 50x the scale of the 0.85 km2 mag anomaly footprint of the Crawford Main Zone (containing 1.84 Mt of Measured & Indicated nickel and a further 1.21 Mt of inferred nickel).

Assays confirm discoveries at Reid and Deloro. Their latest drilling has confirmed a large-scale discovery at Reid and delineated a mineralised footprint that is already 90% of the size of the Flagship Crawford project of 1.6 km2 – which contains the 5th largest Measured & Indicated (M&I) sulphide resource globally of 3.5 million tonnes of contained nickel.      

Each target has had historical work confirming that the targets contain the same serpentinized dunite and/or peridotite that hosts the Crawford mineralization with the potential to permanently sequester CO2.

Eleven target properties have larger footprints than Crawford and eleven are confirmed to contain the same host mineralization as Crawford. All are located in close proximity to existing infrastructure to minimise carbon footprint.

Carbon Credits - IPT Carbonation Process

The Company has a carbon capture approach - IPT Carbonation (In-Process Tailings Carbonation), using tailings directly as it comes out of the flotation circuit and treating them with CO2.  

These lab-scale test results demonstrate a potentially transformative process to turn a nickel mine into a net generator of carbon credits rather than a generator of carbon emissions.

They have recently made improvements to their IPT process. Recent lab tests demonstrate two levers are able to achieve 3x improvement in carbon capture in 24 hours relative to the previous tests and achieved more than 60% of the previously achieved carbon capture level that had taken six days.

These lab-scale tests further their understanding of how to operationalise this process to turn a nickel mine into a net generator of carbon credits rather than a generator of carbon emissions. Subsequent tests are focused on how to operationalise this further utilising existing equipment and processes.  

This will also generate 21 tonnes of CO2 credits per tonne of nickel (5x the NetZero level) and would result in 710,000 tonnes of carbon credits annually, and 18 million tonnes over the life of mine (based on the PEA).


Canada Nickel Corp is well funded, having closed a secured loan facility with Auramet International of  US$10 million.

The proceeds will allow the Company to execute post-feasibility study work on permitting and detailed engineering which is advantageous to complete during the coming winter months, as it continues to aggressively advance the project.

Upcoming Catalysts

The most significant catalysts will be the completion of a Feasibility Study on the Crawford project by the end of 2022. The Company is also advancing discussions with various off-take groups and strategic investors. 

The Company will also generate news flow from:

  • Off-take and strategic investor discussions
  • Exploration of its substantial regional land package
  • Development of carbon capture process – IPT Carbonation 


The key risk to the Company is investor interest in the nickel market with a variety of investor views on the need for additional supply of nickel given the significant supply growth in Indonesia.

The other key risk is inflationary pressures globally which is having an impact on capital and operating costs which would need to be reflected in their upcoming feasibility study.

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