Know what to invest in

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Market-beating stock recommendations from world-class analysts. Plus exclusive shows to help you evolve as an investor.
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Know what to invest in

Market-beating stock recommendations from world-class analysts. Plus exclusive shows to help you evolve as an investor.
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Two week free trial.
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Save Time and Stop Guessing

You’re an investor, not a gambler. You’d rather not throw your hard-earned cash in the trash. But who has the time to pore over investment research just to end up paralyzed with endless, uninspiring options? Not you, that’s who. So read on to discover your investing future.

One Perfect, Monthly Recommendation

Every month, Crux Investor will deliver you a single investment recommendation in the form of a beautiful, clearly-structured one-page memo. The culmination of reams of research and hundreds of man-hours of expert vetting, the memo encapsulates everything you need to know about that month’s investment in a focused, time-saving package.

Selected by In-The-Trenches Experts

All our analysts are industry veterans. When this internal strategy team identifies a sector for investment, the best minds in that sector – our roster of consultants – identifies the single best stock to bring to the community. These experts hail from executive positions at the largest companies in their industry. Our inclusive subscription model allows us to make this high-priced wisdom affordable and available to you.

Consistent Returns for Confident Investing

Simply put, better analysts means better results. Crux Investor relies on the work of sector-centric experts with a balance of knowledge and front-line experience. And their intimate understanding of particular industries has led to undeniable results. Last year, our mining analyst team scored a 328% return. Their industry-specific expertise has allowed them to make the kinds of market-beating observations that very few others spotted.

While Growing Your Knowledge at Your Own Speed

Impressive returns don’t have to come at the expense of your time. Invest as much of that as you want. Skim the crucial information distilled into the monthly memo. Or immerse yourself into a galaxy of self-paced financial knowledge on the Netflix of investing. Market analysis. Company deep-dives. Expert interviews. Investing tutorials. Courses in financial literacy. And more. All yours to consume at your own pace.

Save Time. Remove Stress. Make Money.

Less than a dollar a day gets you access to a dream team of financial minds with one collective goal: to make it easy for you to invest with confidence and grow your money. No more guesswork. No more gambling. Just no-nonsense, curated guidance from proven, skin-in-the-game experts. As the saying goes… eat where the chefs eat. Crux Investor is a chance to do just that. Ride the wisdom of industry experts – but for the price of cooking at home.

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