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The problem is keeping up to date with all of the latest developments and news releases.

That’s why we’ve created the Who’s Who of Uranium - who to follow, watch, read and learn from.

This list covers everyone from Nuclear Knowledge to Investment Analysis, and should become your holy grail.

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Best Overall

Brandon Munro (@brandon_munro)

Top 10 Experts for Investing in Uranium: Brandon Munro at the World Nuclear Association Symposium 2018

The CEO of Bannerman Energy is an internationally recognised uranium expert with over 20 years of experience as a resource executive and corporate lawyer. He cut his professional teeth as an M&A lawyer, including acting for a number of uranium clients during the 2005-2007 boom.  Having held his current position in the company since 2016, he started his career at Bannerman back in 2009 as general manager. While in this role, Brandon also served on the Steering Committee of the World First Strategic Environmental Assessment on the cumulative effects of uranium mine development in the Namib desert.

Bannerman Energy is an ASX listed and OTCQB traded uranium development company. The company focuses on the large-scale and advanced Etango-8 uranium project in Namibia. It’s amongst the largest undeveloped uranium projects globally and is situated in the premier uranium mining jurisdiction of Namibia.

When it comes to experience and qualifications, Brandon’s list is fulsome and diverse. He holds qualifications in law, quantitative economics and finance. He also has a Diploma in Corporate Governance and he’s held various directorships in ASX-listed companies in the resources and technology sector.

“Brandon Munro [is the best uranium expert]! Clearly insightful, very educational experience into the uranium space…” - Brett

Brandon has truly earned himself the title of the king of uranium. He is well recognised as a thought leader and author on the topic. His voice is also one of the most respected in the nuclear energy sector and he’s a contributing expert to the UN Economic Commission for Europe. His most recent role is as the Co-Chair of the World Nuclear Association’s Nuclear Fuel Demand Working Group. The purpose of the working group is to forecast global uranium demand scenarios from now until 2040.

Even beyond his title, he has shown a deep understanding of environmental social governance principles and corporate social responsibility. As a result, he has dedicated his time to making sure both he and the company support societal and environmental causes in Namibia while constantly considering the effects of uranium mining on the Namibian people.

Brandon was a Namibian resident from 2009 – 2015. During this time he served as a governance advisor to the Namibian Uranium Association. He was also Strategic Advisor - Mining Charter to the Namibian Chamber of Mines and in this role co-drafted Namibia’s first Mining Charter or, more fully, the Charter For Sustainable and Broad-Based Economic and Social Transformation in the Namibian Mining Sector.  

This pioneering document is the mining sector’s voluntary pledge to government on social transformation and has been credited with ensuring that Namibia has not followed South Africa’s unfortunate lead introducing Black Economic Empowerment equity ownership.  His love for the country, its people, and its wildlife is evident from the impressive list of voluntary board and committee roles he’s held in conservation, education, and the arts. For example, Brandon served as a trustee for both the Save The Rhino Trust in Namibia and the Erongo Development Foundation.

SPUT's (Slight) New Approach

SPUT's (Slight) New Approach

Written by Brandon Munro

Brandon hosts a weekly Uranium show in Crux Investor covering:

  • Market updates
  • Uranium fundamentals
  • Mistakes beginner (and experienced) investors make
  • The implications of new discoveries
  • The spot price and how it should affect investment decisions
  • What it takes to run a uranium company
  • International nuclear agreements

Basically, everything you need to know.

Watch Brandon here.

“For me, the weekly interview with Brandon Munro here on Crux is the best. It never ceases to amaze me that he can be asked about some seemingly inconspicuous topic yet he will know all of the details about it. He is very impressive!” - Danny H

Best for Breaking News

John Quakes (@quakes99)

Top 10 Experts for Investing in Uranium: John Quakes

John Quakes is the Uranium gift that keeps on giving. Now a retired Earth Sciences Researcher, Quakes’ twitter account boasts almost 50,000 tweets and keeps the sector informed of company press releases, government announcements, and all the latest in the Uranium bull market.

If you want around the clock, bite-sized updates, then he is definitely one of the best.  John has more recently started compiling newsflow summaries, which give a great snapshot of what has been happening in uranium.

“John Quakes always has great macro and micro insights.” - Lawrence

WNA (@WorldNuclear)

Top 10 Experts for Investing in Uranium: World Nuclear

The World Nuclear Association promotes the peaceful worldwide use of nuclear power as a sustainable energy resource. Their website hosts a library of uranium content, from global facts & figures to an introduction to the Nuclear Fuel Cycle. The WNA’s twitter account will keep you updated with their live events & conferences, whilst their partner site World Nuclear News breaks the latest news stories.

There are various publications available for purchase or free download, including “Nuclear Energy in the 21st Century”, the World Nuclear University primer on nuclear energy.

“Hands down the best factual resource on uranium whatever you‘re looking for: mines, projects, production numbers, country info, reactor types... can‘t name it all. Never seen a website so comprehensive! Excellent resource.” - Thomas H

Best for Specific Projects

WISE - World Information Service on Energy

Top 10 Experts for Investing in Uranium: WISE

Curiously, this site is an anti-uranium platform but nonetheless a hidden gem for project info. Here you can find detailed information on known uranium projects and mines in the world, lists of uranium companies, up-to-date statistical data and annual reviews on current issues.

You can also find educational material on uranium mining, nuclear fuel production, and its (at times exaggerated) impacts - useful for understanding where a project might have issues with the local community or government.

Beware, however, that the folks at WISE have a strong anti-uranium, anti-nuclear agenda so treat with caution.  

Best for Charts

Grant Chalmers (@GrantChalmers)

Top 10 Experts for Investing in Uranium: Grant Chalmers

Chalmers focuses on macroeconomic trends, and is pro deep decarbonisation - the phasing out of carbon-emitting fuels in favour of more sustainable alternatives. In Chalmers case, nuclear energy. His twitter account is a great follow for your daily dose of charts.

Grant's charts are some of the best around” - Bryan P

Best for Uranium Macro Analysis

Mike Alkin (@FootnotesFirst)

Top 10 Experts for Investing in Uranium: Mike Alkin

If you’re invested in Uranium, you’ll have heard of Mike Alkin. If you haven’t, Mike Alkin is the Chief Investment Officer and Founder of Sachem Cove - a hedge fund that focuses on misunderstood industries to earn asymmetrical returns. Their current focus is nuclear power, with the belief that the ‘Cycle has Turned’.

In an interview with Crux Investor, Alkin spoke about the importance of really understanding the uranium market before investing and how investors should focus more on fundamentals than outcomes.

“Any interview with Mike Alkin and the boys at Segra (Adam and Art) are worth a listen” - Bernie W

Adam Rodman & Arthur Hyde (@SegraU3O8)

Top 10 Experts for Investing in Uranium: Adam Rodman and Arthur Hyde

Adam (Founder and Chief Investment Officer) and Art (Partner and Portfolio Manager) of Segra Capital Management, believe that achieving differentiated returns requires a unique viewpoint.

Both Adam and Art have recognized the opportunity in the nuclear fuel cycle since 2007, and believe that over the next 5-10 years the real hole is in uranium. As a result, they have heavily invested in miners that will effectively be the supply chain for nuclear reactors.

Best for Nuclear Knowledge

Nick Touran (@whatisnuclear)

Top 10 Experts for Investing in Uranium: Nick Touran

Nick has a Ph.D. in nuclear engineering and is currently an advanced reactor designer in Seattle. His passion to help with climate and energy issues lead him to start his website whatisnuclear.com where he discusses and addresses all things nuclear energy: concepts, uses, issues, reactor tech and more.

David Hess (@6point626)

Top 10 Experts for Investing in Uranium: David Hess

David is a science communicator and evidence-based policy analyst, focusing on nuclear technology, climate change and sustainable development. Helping the nuclear industry meet the challenge of providing 25% of global electricity by 2050 is a clear goal for Hess, as demonstrated through his informative twitter updates.

Best for All Round

Crux Investor (Get Started Now)

Top 10 Experts for Investing in Uranium: Crux Investor

Crux Investor has been asking CEOs the tough questions since 2019, and has interviewed over 700 companies. Many companies have seen a positive (or sometimes negative) increase in share price after the release of an interview, and investors appreciate Matthew Gordon’s unbiased, direct & tough questioning.

“A year ago, I knew next to nothing about the Uranium space. The education I have received from Brandon and Matt is paying off nicely and it is part of an education I will now have for life!” - Keith M

You can watch ‘Company Interviews’ free on YouTube, but the real crux of the matter is reserved for members. It’s there that you’ll get real insight with a clear goal: to help you live with quiet confidence and make more money.

In Crux Investor, Brandon Munro’s weekly ‘The Energy Show’ is the best way to stay-up-to-date and get real, first-hand insights, or watch a uranium fund managers ‘Uranium 101’. Plus hot takes from industry heavyweights like Rick Rule, Mickey Fulp and Mike Alkin.

And if you’re looking to diversify your portfolio, Crux Investor covers almost all commodities; coal, gold, silver, battery metals, PGMs, and even the more unloved sectors like tankers and renewables.

You’re busy? Don’t worry. That’s where the Memo comes in.  

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